Process driven trading strategies

process driven trading strategies

include the possibility that the Russian government could default on some of its own debt. Muller then rolled up his sleeves and came back full-time to PDT in 2006. To be consistent with diversification strategies, it's a good idea to treat quant strategies as an investing style and combine it with traditional strategies to achieve proper diversification. Muller today likens it to a kind of executive chairman position that left him time to do other things, such as practice yoga and produce two music albums with titles like Just One Lifetime.

Process Driven Trading - PDT Partners

process driven trading strategies

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His father was an electrical engineer and his mother a psychiatrist. Many hedge funds stipulate that limited partners remain "locked up or prevented from redeeming funds, for a predetermined period, usually one year. They are designed to utilize the best minds in the business and the fastest computers to both exploit inefficiencies and use leverage to make market bets. Quants, as the developers are called, compose complex mathematical models to detect investment opportunities. His research chief has just left his office after telling Muller about a promising finding that could lead to the improvement of one of PDT's main models. Based on the philosophy that rigorous scientific research can uncover inefficiencies in financial markets, PDT was created to develop and systematically trade model driven strategies globally. On the flip side, while quant funds are rigorously back tested until they work, their weakness is that they rely on historical data for their success.