Forex trend trading signals uk

forex trend trading signals uk

impressive 309 pip gain! 4th Jun 2018 Target Hit: 43 pips profit Todays trade of the day is on EUR/AUD on our S4 charts. 5th Jul 2018 Watch these 2 trades take 100pips profit each! Todays trade of the day has produced an massive 154 pips profit! FX Leaders' expert analysts employ both short and long-term trading analysis and strategies. On Tuesday 3rd July, we entered a long trade on the DAX (GER30) also, against the trend, we also hit our 100 pip target on this trade earlier today. Besides issuing signals, we try to accompany the signals with the strategies and reasons behind them. We entered the trade.73 and our target was.79 resulting in a 94 pip profit.

forex trend trading signals uk

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Once a signal is generated, we deliver it in realtime to any device via. 22nd May 2018 Latest on the impending US - China trade war We focus on the updated news on the impending US China trade war. We entered this trade at 160.77 and sold at 159.97 resulting in an impressive 80 pips profit! To exclude platforms from the list entirely, choose from the options on the left that include price, monthly fee, software type and supported languages. This sell signal was triggered using our powerful D1 strategy and was identified as a sell because of the red sniper circle. We entered this short trade on Friday 10th August, and last night we hit our target, giving us 201 pips profit. We entered this trade at 112.16 and sold at 111.57, resulting in an impressive 59 pips net profit! Our team have a wealth of industry experience, with our been signals been formulated using proven trading strategies formulated from both Technical and Fundamental analysis.

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