Budak ubat forex factory

budak ubat forex factory

very low risk but still provide a consistent profit. The EA gave forex matiere premiere me 40 return in three weeks and eventually MC in the middle of fourth week. Remember, we're not here to gamble. 3) Use 3pair only.

budak ubat forex factory

I think you both mean. Thanks anyway this looks interesting, will check it out. This EA blew my account of 100 cent account,because of the red n someone add the filter of red news, so it stops on the time of news. Budak ubat 8 main reasons WHY trader should USE This EA (.

Just like any other EA using martingale technique, this EA places and entry, if it hits the TP, bag the profit. Verdict, risk : Medium risk. Acc no: 453376, investor password: syarief1234, broker: M-Real. Always keep it in check and increase TF accordingly. Forex is no magical venture and this robot is certainly not! Lesser it is, more intervention needed. Mickael58, feb 1, 2017 7:10am Post#.