Game list for ps4 pro

game list for ps4 pro

TBA Full Mojo Rampage Action RPG Over The Top Games Nicalis Unreleased Jun 28, 2016 Jun 28, 2016 Full Throttle Remastered Graphic adventure Double Fine Prod. Knack - 3072x1728 resolution, improved frame rate or resolution option Knack 2 - 1800p resolution, or 1080p in high frame-rate mode (near locked 60 fps). The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 3/21/2017, m, March 17, 2017. This impressive feat is possible thanks to dynamic resolution scaling that will raise or lower the level of detail depending on how frantic the action. Assassin's Creed: The Ezio Collection - 4K resolution, 30fps, high quality textures. Making up for what fifa 17 was lacking, fifa 18 supports HDR and its running at the max resolution the Pro can manage, without 'cheating' with upscaling techniques. Retrieved March 23, 2018. Rigs Mechanical Combat League - graphical enhancements.

Every game with, pS 4, pro support: resolution, FPS, HDR

game list for ps4 pro

The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 2/2/2016, m, January 31, 2016. Nex Machina - 3360x1890 with 60fps (variable 1080 with 60fps locked, HDR support Nier: Automata - 1080p, 60fps, improved lighting, shadows, anti aliasing, texture filtering and motion blur. Oct 27, 2016 Unreleased Unreleased 23 Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online Action RPG Tamsoft Compile Heart Idea Factory Int. TBA TBA TBA Heaven's Vault Adventure Inkle Studios Inkle Studios Heavy Rain Interactive drama Quantic Dream Sony Computer Ent. Check out our guide to the game. A, there are currently 1835 games on this list. The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 5/12/2015, m, May 10, 2015. The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 12/8/2015, m, December 6, 2015.