Chinese yuan exchange rate history chart

chinese yuan exchange rate history chart

Looking to make an, uSD to CNY money transfer? Monday.81714 CNY 8/26/2018, sunday.80569 CNY 8/24/2018, friday.80195 CNY 8/23/2018, thursday.87944 CNY 8/22/2018, wednesday.84245 CNY 8/21/2018, tuesday.84736 CNY 8/20/2018, monday.85768 CNY 8/19/2018. Thursday to Sunday, highest:.9348 CNY on Average:.4784 CNY over this period. Please check your download folder. This is the, uS Dollar (USD) to Chinese Yuan (CNY) exchange rate history summary page, detailing 180 days of USD CNY historical data from. Chinese, yuan to US Dollar history, or perhaps visit the currency home pages? Chinese, yuan, exchange, rate. If you use our chart images on your site or blog, we ask that you provide attribution via a "dofollow" link back to this page. 9/3/2018, monday.82388 CNY 9/2/2018, sunday.83208 CNY 8/31/2018, friday.82371 CNY 8/30/2018, thursday.84512 CNY 8/29/2018, wednesday.82153 CNY 8/28/2018, tuesday.80282 CNY 8/27/2018.

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Currency Menu, welcome to the USD CNY history summary. Would you like to invert currencies? 180 Day Graph, view 180 days of exchange rate history for the. Current US Dollar Exchange Rates View current exchange rates for the US Dollar min.2693 (April 11) avg.5135 max.9361 (August 15) The graph above displays historical exchange rates between forex mnenja the Chinese Yuan Renminbi and the US Dollar. Backlinks from other websites and blogs are the lifeblood of our site and are our primary source of new traffic. Sunday.87734 CNY 8/17/2018, friday.87399 CNY 8/16/2018, thursday.88290 CNY 8/15/2018, wednesday.93608 CNY 8/14/2018 Tuesday.88500 CNY 8/13/2018 Monday.88761 CNY 8/12/2018 Sunday.84607 CNY 8/10/2018 Friday.84608 CNY 8/9/2018 Thursday.82048 CNY 8/8/2018 Wednesday.83763 CNY 8/7/2018 Tuesday.83253 CNY 8/6/2018 Monday. If you would like to graph historical exchange rates between the US Dollar and another currency, please select a currency from the list below. View Data View historical exchange rates for the Chinese Yuan Renminbi against the US Dollar in a tabular format. Monthly Average Graph, view average monthly exchange rate history for the. US Dollar and, chinese, yuan, below is a table showing 180 days of historical data for. Invert the graph to see US Dollars per.

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