How to backtest a trading strategy using amibroker

how to backtest a trading strategy using amibroker

for Excel that provide similar functionality. Trades capital-capital prev period, drawdown 1-(capital/MAX(capital prev period:capital first period). Forex Tester 3 is a solid option (at the time of writing this article, they have a Chinese New Year sale and I also came across. Thats kind of a shortcut. With all that in mind, I thought Id walk through what I consider the four basic steps in producing a backtest in Excel. If you enjoy and/or are good at coding, this might be a good option.

how to backtest a trading strategy using amibroker

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Tradinformed Backtest Models are built in Excel. This is nice, but does require a manual update of that data as you go forward meaning, youll need to re-download that historical data and then copy and paste either the entire dataset or a subset to update your strategy. 97, shares, over the years, Ive tried several ways to backtest my trading strategies. Obviously you could have more complex rules a neutral state where youre not long or short, or variable position sizing as opposed to just all-in long or short. If your strategy performs poorly live, its probably because youre taking trades you wouldnt have taken if you were backtesting. And I want to thank Josh here at foss Trading as well because hes been kind enough to help me in learning how to use R for testing.