Data dictionary example in oracle

data dictionary example in oracle

schema_name Schema name view_name View name created View creation date and time last_modified View last modification date and time definition View definition (SQL query) comments View comments Sample results. This new information is then visible the next time the dictionary views are queried. Caution: Altering or manipulating the data in data dictionary tables can permanently and detrimentally affect the operation of a database. Table_name, col_lumn_name, 'PK' primary_key from all_constraints constr inner join all_cons_columns col_const on nstraint_name col_nstraint_name and col_const.

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If you are a casual application user, you might never even see a data dictionary entry directly. Generally the two main differences between the user and ALL views is that the owner of the object is included in the ALL views, and this is not included in the user views which makes sense since you will only be seeing your objects. It's only.95 when you buy it directly from the publisher here. In many cases, a set consists of three views containing similar information and distinguished from each other by their prefixes: Table 4-1 Data Dictionary View Prefixes Prefix Scope user User's view (what is in the user's schema) ALL Expanded user's view (what the user can. In this section we will discuss the Oracle data dictionary. User-Accessible Views, the views that summarize and display the information stored in the base tables of the data dictionary. In this example, we query the dba_tables view for all tables that start with EMP and owned by users whose names start with robert: select table_name from dba_tables where table_name like 'EMP' AND owner like 'robert You can find the data dictionary tables documented. This query returns a list of tables in schemas sorted by name, with comments and number of rows in each table.

Cache the Data Dictionary for Fast Access. Check_constraint Check constraint flag. Privileges are granted to users on the data dictionary views but not on the underlying tables.

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