Currency conversion in sap bw pdf

currency conversion in sap bw pdf

to exchange certain currency combinations to derive another currency. The content on this site may not be reproduced or redistributed without the express written permission of m or the content authors. Exchange Rate for currency translation is determined based on the option selected in Exchange Rate tab of the currency translation type. The maintenance of exchange rates can be done via the transaction OB08. Information used on this site is at your own risk. In the currency drop down, select fixed target currency as USD and select from conversion. Currency translation type used for this example is 0hrfixxur (Fixed Target Currency, Current Date). You can also use the program rcurtest to check the exchange rate. Source Currency: Determined using the data record: Source currency is determined from the data record of key figure at runtime of the query.

Currency Conversion in SAP
SAP BW /.4 Tutorial

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Each IO can have max. Define a new key figure in the target to hold the amounts in USD. There is amount field in the source which is Amount type key figure and there is 0LOC_currcy field in source which holds the unit of this amount key figure like EUR or INR etc. If other codes are used, they need to be maintained in SAP BI The transaction spro can be used to review the activity Check Currency Codes in the implementation guide of BI Measurements: Example: grams to kilograms. Global Settings Often part of transformation is conversion of exchange rates in different currencies, the handling of measurements, time conversion etc. Even if generic datasources are used. Mark the necessary entries on the Exchange rate and Time ref. Drag the key figure zamnt_USD in the columns pane, currently this is mapped one to one to zamnt_LC while data load. The exchange rate is then taken from the associated key figure and not calculated using the data stored in Customizing at runtime.

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