Gtc meaning in forex sell limit trade

gtc meaning in forex sell limit trade

(2) one component comprises more than 30 percent of the index weighting; (3) the. Covered Option A or position that is covered by the sale or purchase of the underlying futures contract or other underlying instrument. Trader (1) A merchant involved in cash commodities; (2) a professional who trades for his own account and who typically holds exchange trading privileges. Indirect Bucketing Also referred to as indirect trading against. This may lengthen the time between when a trade is made and when it can be settled. Delivery The tender and receipt of the actual commodity, the cash value of the commodity, or of a delivery instrument covering the commodity (e.g., or used to a futures contract. If, in the example above, the traders two positions were on different exchanges without any arrangement for netting, she might be required to post collateral as if she had not hedged her position by entering into off-setting agreements. National Futures Association (NFA) National Futures Association (NFA) : A whose members include, commercial firms, and banks, that is responsibleunder oversightfor certain aspects of the regulation of FCMs, CPOs, CTAs, IBs, and their, focusing primarily on the qualifications and proficiency, financial condition, retail sales practices. The legislation was enacted to reduce risk, increase transparency, and promote market integrity within the financial system by, among other things: 1) providing for the registration and comprehensive regulation of and ; 2) imposing clearing and trade execution requirements on standardized derivative products; 3) creating.

Buyer's Market A condition of the market in which there is an abundance of goods available and hence buyers can afford to be selective and may be able to buy at less than the price that previously prevailed. Wild Card Option Refers to a provision of any physical delivery or that permits to wait until as late as 8:00.m. Momentum investor - A market participant who increase market exposure when the market is rising and decreases exposure or goes short when the market is declining. Post-Trade Transparency Describes markets where basic data on recent transactions (such as the price and terms of the transactions) is promptly and routinely reported to the market participants and the public. At such time, the order is automatically canceled.

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Ratio Spread This strategy, which applies to both puts and calls, involves buying or selling options at one in forex fundamentals news develop your strategy greater number than those bought or sold at another strike price. Repo or Repurchase Agreement A transaction in which one party sells a security to another party while agreeing to repurchase it from the counterparty at some date in the future, at an agreed price. Contract - The standard unit of trading, Counterparty - One of the participants in a financial transaction. Shock Absorber A temporary restriction in the trading of certain stock index futures contracts that becomes effective following a significant intraday decrease in stock index futures prices. Feed Ratio The relationship of the cost of feed, expressed as a ratio to the sale price of animals, such as the corn-hog ratio. Legal Definition of Exempt Commodity (20) Exempt commodity The term exempt commodity means a commodity that is not an excluded commodity or an agricultural commodity. Asset Allocation - Investment practice that divides funds among different markets to achieve diversification for risk management purposes and/or expected returns consistent with an investors objectives. Sometimes referred. Bear One who expects a decline in prices. Y Z _ Large Traders A large trader is one who holds or controls a position in any one future or in any one option expiration of a commodity on any one exchange equaling or exceeding the exchange or cftc-specified. Head and Shoulders In, a chart formation that resembles a human head and shoulders and is generally considered to be predictive of a price reversal. Legal Definition of Major Security Based Swap Participant 32) Major security-based swap participant The term major security-based swap participant has the meaning given the term in section 3(a) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (15.S.C.

(2) The simultaneous purchase and sale of two futures contracts in the same or related commodities with the intention of profiting from a decline in prices but at the same time limiting the potential loss if this expectation does not materialize. Coupon (Coupon Rate) A fixed dollar amount of interest payable per annum, stated as a percentage of principal value, usually payable in semiannual installments. Refers to standards for market microstructure that all (SEFs) must offer. Horizontal Spread (also called Time Spread or Calendar Spread) An option spread involving the simultaneous purchase and sale of options of the same and but different.