Best computer science job to work from home

best computer science job to work from home

do that work. Salary range : 65-150K Suggested Degrees: Graphic Design, Psychology, Marketing. ERP use is common in manufacturing companies, hence why backgrounds for this role vary, including information technology or a variety of relevant engineering education, depending on the industry and the organization. What are the Trade-Offs of the Home Office? A senior position might lead a team of junior and intermediate engineers. Salary range : 78-156K Suggested Degrees: Computer Science, Information Systems.

Aka E-Commerce Business Analyst. Network Security Administrator Typical responsibilities / skills: implement and follow a network security plan; document the networking infrastructure, including any firewall protocols and policies, monitoring and disaster recovery plans; use vulnerability assessment tools to determine potential risks; monitor and investigate security breaches; recommend organizational security. 04 Computer Systems Analyst, computer systems analysts assess an organization's computer systems and recommend changes to hardware and software to enhance the company's efficiency.

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Salary range : 66-183K Suggested Degrees: Computer Science, Data Science, Information Systems References : The following Web pages or sites were used in cryptocurrency exchange usd deposit the compilation of this list. DBAs can have broad or specialized duties. SaveSave SaveSave Tags: 100 telecommuting, work at home job, work from home, work from home jobs Related Articles Leave a Comment If you have a question about searching or about FlexJobs' service, please contact our Client Services team by clicking here. The role can require an understanding of a specific software, particularly database systems, and may involved working closely with developers. Salary range : 63-126K Suggested Degrees: Computer Information Systems, Information Management, Computer Science. One onsite meeting is required (paid travel expenses). Salary range : 80-109K, suggested Degrees: Business Administration, Marketing, Management. May require some physical effort, for cabling and installation work Salary range : 99-131K Suggested Degrees: Cyber Security, Computer Engineering, Computer Science. Every day at FlexJobs, we find scam-free positions that allow an employee to have their career at home. This role comes in various forms: desktop, Web, mobile, wearables.

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