Fca forex investigation

fca forex investigation

relating to recent events. Discover a trusted gateway to Asian markets! Was asked twice to FCAs Wheatley. . Yes, no, what can we do to improve pages like this? Fcas CEO Underlines Banks Cooperation, when asked about the number of banks involved,. But a member of the regulators press office could not comment on the issue and pointed back to a November 2013 press release. Fibo group (BaFIN 124031 Exness (BaFIN 133806). We will not comment further on our investigations. Wheatley co-chairs several of the round-table groups. FCAs CEO and chairman had not identified the banks during their appearance in front of a parliamentary committee, where British lawmakers discussed Foreign Exchange in light of the probe, ongoing since November 2013. Lead Investigative Initiatives Under iosco Memorandum. Our investigations are at an early stage and it will be some time before we conclude whether there has been any misconduct which will lead to enforcement action.

fca forex investigation

The FCA explained that it doesnt publicly announce investigations until the case is strong enough.
According to Forex Magnates sources, the regulator had been eyeing Forex since as early as last.
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Statement on foreign exchange market investigation, fCA Heads Inform UK Lawmakers that 10 Banks are Involved

Understanding, while the FCA said it wasnt in the lead of the entire investigation across other regulatory bodies outside of the UK it was however leading on many of the initiatives under the globally reaching Forex investigations that have lured some of the worlds largest. FCA Pressed On Multiple Issues Including. Go to article Other issues that were brought up during the meeting were also the link between banks and accountants, forex savings account with a report requested from the FCA to look at this link that could uncover violations. Forex Probe Too Early to Tell. According to Forex Magnates sources, the regulator had been eyeing Forex since as early as last January, in wake of the libor scandal which the FCA was of the first to investigate. What did you find helpful? The UK Parliaments official website stated that the meeting was held in order to scrutinize the work of the FCA. It was reported that Chantree was dismissed following an internal investigation into the partly state-owned bank. Statements Published: Last updated.

fca forex investigation

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