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and was gone. Re: 8,5X63 REB, it's a 9,3x62 case necked down.338 with a 40 degree shoulder. Registered users: 303tmm,.5x55, 7x57,.3M03,.3x64, Af300e, analog_art, Andrei. Another thing I noticed through my binos, was the barrel was setting up on a bit of a hump of dirt, and a tree root. I was watching him through my Swarovski 8X32, compact ELs, and thinking.

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He looked hard off to his right. He at first glance did not look very big. I held the illuminated dot about an inch below his left ear. The first evening was worth the whole price of the hunt in my honest opinion. The outfitter, and guide were impressed with the light weight, and precision of the Blaser BBF97. He thought this was friggin hilarious. I could see the steady rain, coming down through my scope. He hoped the rain might change the larger bears pattern. Ether way, he said, at least i would not have to set in a stand, and get soaked. I have several rifles that I shoot on a regular basis, but when I go hunting, the BBF,.3/20 gauge is all I want to take.

blaserbuds forum viewtopic